Our experience can guide you on your path to achieve your dreams of playing at the next level! We are located in Loudoun County, Northern Virginia and accessible to the DMV area for specialists looking to improve their kicking, punting and snapping abilities!

Jimmy Kibble, Just 4 Kicks founder and former VT Punter/Kicker/Kickoff Specialist from 1996-2000 named to All-Beamer first team.

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Youth Training

Lessons that introduce the basics of kicking and create a solid foundation to build on. This includes football and soccer.

High School

Private Instruction for Kickers and Punters looking to improve their game and chances of playing college. This also includes kicking/clearing/striking a soccer ball.

College & Pro

Private Instruction for College & Professional kickers, punters and snappers.


First thing we need to evaluate is how much help you need in developing or perfecting your kicking/punting technique. Our goal is to set you on a path that will allow you to get better every day by working on the little things that make BIG things happen!


How is your leg strength? What about your leg speed? We want to make sure that we are helping you get the most out of your technique by enhancing your ability to connect with the ball and apply force with precision.


The MOST important aspect of kicking which is the mental game. Most players need to understand how to adjust mentally when things don’t go as planned or they feel like something is off. This is where we turn you into the kicker you aspire to be!


Scoring points on Extra Points and Field Goals are essential to winning each game, yet these are often taken for granted. By assessing your technique, leg swing, approach and follow through, we can not only help you score more points, but become more accurate, confident and valuable to your team!


Nothing helps a defense more than a punter than can pin a team deep in their own territory, place a ball to a specific side of the field or drive the ball out of your team’s red zone. Learning the fundamentals and adding them into your daily routine will turn you and your skills into a weapon for your team.


Kickoff’s can be a tricky sequence of events to develop if you don’t know how to combine your speed and strength into the perfect timing for a crushing delivery. Finding the perfect formula for a deep and high kickoff depends on what works for you and your style of kicking. We can help you become a kick returner’s nightmare.